Autry’s stunning show brought a new basketball league record

It only means that fans in the hall at Dashika should watch. “Yeah, it sits! I definitely wanted to have a good show, “laughs the Beksy playmaker.

But his view was not an extraordinary approach. Playing with lots of fines and sluts simply enjoys it. Only in the seventh round it all worked out better. It’s almost perfect.

“I’m the type of player who runs the course and I like this game. I played with great enthusiasm and wanted to bring it to the fans, who are then more drawn into the match. In addition, these pieces helped us as a team.When I kick in the action, I’m going to dunk on some of my great passports, I enjoy it even more, “adds the master of his field.

The seventy-year-old American online bookmaker admits that in the past season, his first Pardubice, sure how some circus passes would be taken, so he did not go into bigger events. “I had such a slow start of this season. “But it’s a big paradox that the new Koordinative Factor Recorder for last year’s established statistics, evaluating the fun basketball league site, has not even known it yet.


“Not really,” he says. “I just noticed there was something that was said, but I never asked what it was.But it’s great to know that these bits have some awards, so if there’s a chance to do something again, I’m going to do it. ”

In a duel with Brno, those chances were really unreadable.Autrey scored a smash (3 points), two passes on the alley-oop (8 points in total), three back passes (6 points in total), two effective releases over one defender (2 points in total) and two over two opponents points.)

The King bookmakers offer of the game did not have to think a long time about which person he liked the most. “After losing to Brno, I got to the ball that lay on the ground and in the half-leg I was behind his back and sent Viktor Půlpán, who ended up with a dunk all over his head,” he commended the main organizer of the acrobatic event. p> There is hardly any need to add that the 25-point explosion of Autrey has fired at the forefront of the Kooperativa Factor.With the average of 6.8 he now has four tenths of the lead at Stan Simpson in Brno, who took just 3 points on Saturday in Pardubice.

“Now I would like to keep the first place and I would definitely want to repeat something like Brno. And when I know it’s worth it, I’ll have something for every match, “says the 190-strong high-stakes player, who also encouraged the 50-pound prize money for the overall factor winner.”

so now I’m definitely going to go first, “she laughs.